Business handover

Your own business creates strong ties and a very personal relationship to all areas. Handing over the business is therefore always a special challenge. For the entrepreneur, it means, on the one hand, the courage to let go and to trust in others and, on the other hand, the foresight to ensure that the successors can build on a strong foundation for the continued existence of the business.

An important factor for the successful survival of a company and the preservation of jobs is therefore an early planned and controlled handover of the company. We do not only work with family businesses in which the handover to the next generation is imminent, but also companies and entrepreneurs who are looking for a suitable and motivated successor for their company on the free market.

Is now the right time?

Often the time and effort required for a smooth and forward transfer of operations is underestimated. This is a project that needs to be handled with great care and knowledge. We clarify all the relevant issues with you:

  • When and how should you address the business handover?
  • Does your sales exposé contain all the relevant factors?
  • Have you set the selling price in line with the market value?
  • Do you have a suitable successor?
  • What individual steps should the transfer involve?
  • What expectations must be fulfilled?
  • Which financial bases need to be clarified?
Business takeover

Taking over an existing business means many years of development work can be skipped. In addition, the economic risk of an existing business is easier to assess on the basis of historical values and the business management data available also simplifies future planning. Usually it takes only a short time until everything gets used to the new owner, and then one’s own ideas and concepts can be put into practice in a functioning business. From the basis of an existing business, it is certainly much easier to realise your own business ideas than if everything has to be built up from scratch.

SABU Consult supports you in finding a suitable business to take over and looks at the important factors for you:

  • Is the product or service range still up-to-date?
  • Are the means of production obsolete?
  • Is the service still current?
  • Will customers and employees accept a new business owner?
  • Does the market model fit?
  • Do you have an intelligent financing model?

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Business acquisition

Would you like to expand your business? Realign yourself strategically? Or maybe you just want to take over a business instead of starting one? There are many reasons for buying a business that already exists on the market: constant revenue from the outset, existing customers, a functioning infrastructure, qualified employees or services and products already introduced to the market.

Young entrepreneurs in particular do not always have the financial means to buy a business with a one-off payment and this is where SABU-Consult can support you with intelligent financing models. We are happy to help you apply for the appropriate funding.

We also act as a partner to potential investors. We put the company to the acid test – from the reason for the sale through to the selling price.

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Business sale

There are many reasons for selling a business – no successors within the family or among employees, health problems or imminent retirement. One thing is always clear: selling a business is a moving and complex process.

SABU-Consult assists you on an emotional level and helps you to complete the sale successfully. We prepare a comprehensive market analysis and a detailed company valuation for your business, after which we select and introduce suitable buyers. We then guide you through the contract negotiations until the successful sale. This involves SABU-Consult drawing on a broad network of partners and investors.

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