Implementation and implementation consulting

We don’t stop working after the analysis and concept development. For us it’s important to guarantee the practicability of our concepts. This is why we support our clients throughout the changing process. We are actively involved in the process, so that we can make sure that we use our clients’ potentials in the best possible way.

Our consulting job encompasses the active supervision in the following areas:

  • Process Supervision /Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Interim Management

Analysis and business plans don’t end when the concept is finished. We also support you when it comes to implementing the new business strategy and implementing new corporate processes.

We are supporting you throughout the changing process by taking a neutral position and giving you feedback on the success of your corporate development.

Project management

Successful companies do not only need professional competence but also methodical and operational competence. Dynamic and goal-oriented project management guarantees you the crucial competitive advantage to realize your plans successfully. SABU will support you with the project management and help you to realize the findings of the consulting process.

Multiproject- and Programmanagement

The implementation of multiple projects that are interdependent requires profound knowledge in terms of methodology and operative know-how. You may profit from our experience and use our competences when it comes to shortages concerning the project management.

Interim Management

Our counselors will also assume managerial responsibility if an external view is needed or if the required capacity for the administration of a division is not available.

Since we know your company from the analysis- and consulting-phase we are capable of implementing decisions and plans.

Unpopular measures can sometimes also be enforced in a better way by external management.

Interim Management

Ergebnisverantwortlich übernehmen unsere Berater auch vorübergehend Führungsverantwortung, wenn ein externer Blick notwendig ist oder die nötige Kapazität für die Leitung eines Unternehmensteils nicht verfügbar ist.

Durch die Kenntnis Ihres Unternehmens aus der Analyse- und Beratungsphase sind wir in der Lage, rasch gefasste Beschlüsse und Vorhaben umzusetzen. Auch unpopuläre Maßnahmen sind manchmal besser durch externes Management durchzusetzen.