Controlling, Monitoring and Supervision

You can integrate your own rapid alert system by regulating and controlling the corporate progress actively. This way you can keep an eye on many risk factors and eliminate them if necessary.

We will help you to correct your strategies during our regular controlling conversations (monthly, quarterly, biannual). We will also make sure that the development of your company  is going according to plan. This way you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

We are happy to arrange your personal precaution package of consulting services. We offer you various service packages that are individually bookable:

  • Identification of your company’s status quo
  • Initial training for “your” business ratio
  • Personal conversations
  • Creation of optimization programs
  • Monthly accountancy checks incl. subsidiary trial balance
  • Check of your salary accounting
  • Preparation of balance sheet with tax optimization
  • Continuous variance analysis
Financial Monitoring

The regular supervision of the crucial management ratios is required for business success. Observation of economic figures and continuous contrasting of earnings with expenses provides the basis for realistic predictions and helps to minimize the risk of managerial decisions.

Business Coaching

Individual supervision of managers is an essential component in the context of business consulting.

Decision makers who want to take matters into their own hands will be supervised by a coach, who will help them find the right decisions for the future.

Besides continuous supervision we will also prepare you for difficult talks with banks, negotiations with debtees and distributors as well as discussions with employees, so that you can successfully master them on your own. We will provide you with special knowledge about communication- and negotiation-techniques and psychological backgrounds.

Project and Process Coaching

A lot of companies already have a comprehensive project- or process management know-how, nevertheless, an external view and additional expertise can be helpful in eliminating organizational blindness. The coach may act as a supervisor or facilitator and help to compensate staffing shortages.