The focus of our work lies on the analysis of existing organisations, the development of solutions for specific problems and the illustration of potentials.

We accompany you through all phases of the corporate life. We help young companies with the founding formalities, the business planning and the funding. We will also develop concepts to make a company handover more efficiently and lasting. Furthermore we also support existing companies when it comes to recapitalization.

Our clients rely on our expertise in the fields of financial consulting, organizational consulting and IT-consulting.


You want to start a company and take all the most profitable steps right from the beginning? We will support and advise you about all the single steps in-country and abroad. We may also help you to get in touch with companies that are up for sale.

Our broad range of services includes market analysis, visibility studies, corporate concepts and financial plans. You may consult us when it comes to the choice of location or in terms of legal and fiscal matters. We also develop marketing concepts, set up structures of distribution and thereby ensure the success of new enterprises.


An essential element when it comes to corporate success is the guarantee of ongoing liquidity and the financial feasibility of the business in the long term. We will develop financing plans for you and accompany you with the realization of your financing project.

Every investment involves uncertainties and emotions. This is where we step in as independent and objective consultants and help you with the clarification process. Our expertise and longtime experience assures you an information advantage and comprehensible potential savings.


Investment consulting

In the field of investment consulting we deal with variance analysis, develop financial plans, check if you may request subsidies, help you with bank negotiations and control your bank accounts.

Thanks to our network throughout Austria and our experiences with bank negotiations we may even handle and reduce high debts.

When it comes to investment consulting we focus on wealth building and financial precautions. We will analyze your initial situation, formulate realistic and lucrative goals, accompany you during the offer phase and help you with decisions and the realization processes.


Company recapitalization

We have a high success rate when it comes to the recapitalization of micro entities and small and medium-sized companies. For us company recapitalization does not only mean saving expenses but also considering all components that might be crucial for the future as well as finding a comprehensive solution in cooperation with the entrepreneur.

According to our comprehensive support service we also focus on the emotional support of the entrepreneur in this difficult situation.

We focus on proven methods to put your company back on a promising track.

  • Facility visit and analysis of the current state
  • Concept of solution approaches
  • Help with the realization
  • Success control

We are cooperating with strong and reliable partners from the domains of banking and private equity capital that care about the survival of businesses and support healthy corporate growth through financial involvement.

Company handover

Owning a company produces strong bonds and a very personal connection to all of the company’s divisions. This is why the handover of a company is always a special challenge. On the one hand the entrepreneur requires the courage to let go and rely on someone else, on the other hand they need the forward look to make sure that the successors can rely on a strong foundation for the further existence of the company.

Another important factor for the successful continued existence of a company and the preservation of jobs is the timely planned and regulated company handover. We are not only talking about family businesses, that have to deal with the handover from one generation to the next, but also firms and entrepreneurs that are looking for a suitable and motivated successor.


Is the time right?

It is very common to underestimate the timeframe and effort that is needed in order to conduct a smooth and foresighted company handover. It is a project that should be handled accurately and reasonably. We will clarify all relevant questions for you:

  • When and how should you start the company handover?
  • Do you have a suitable successor?
  • Which steps will the handover include?
  • Which expectations must be fulfilled?

Which financial basics have to be clarified?

Process-, organisational and strategic consulting

We are living in a world of change. Corporations have to adapt to new circumstances and keep an eye on new developements. The companies that are able to react flexibly on new market situations will be the most competitive ones. You should keep an open mind when it comes to changes!

SABU Consult will support you with

  • Changes in the company organization structure

This includes analysis and alteration of locations, the analysis of internal organisations and procedures as well as the structure of the administration

  • Procedural changes

Are your processes up-to-date? A partial or complete business reengineering might ensure corporate success. A drastic and complete reorientation of the corporate processes can help to break into new markets and exhaust all possibilities of organizational and computer-aided enhancements.

  • Economical improvements

Corporations may use the full potential of possible improvements of the whole supply chain. The purchasing department, human resources, production and sales will be analysed in terms of unperceived possibilities to increase contestability. Afterwards, new approaches will be designed and implemented.


Corporate changes are always accompanied by changes of the corporate IT structure. The information technology offers useful support with procedural improvements as well as potential savings concerning this quickly growing branch.

You may gain a competitive advantage by using diverse software and by using it most efficiently.

Essential factors when analysing the existing IT infrastructure are

  • User satisfaction
  • Homogeneity of the available IT structure
  • Age of hard- and software
  • Status of the active IT-managements in the corporation
  • Efficient web-presentation

Our IT-analysis and consulting is always connected to a corporate process change. Computers accompany corporate change and support the newly developed future workflow.